A Decade in the Industry

Our philosophy is simple.

Provide our customers with quality goods, affordable prices, and exceptional service to fulfill our customer’s tech needs with a human touch, whether in-store or online.


CR GROUP opposes discrimination. Every person is and will always be an equal employee. We believe in nurturing and empowering our team to create a difference by advocating workplace fairness, equal rights, and an inclusive company culture.

Corporate Governance

CR GROUP is a human value-driven organization. We are dedicated to serving our customers, employees, vendors, stake holders and our community. We operate in an entirely ethical manner and account for our decisions and actions.


In CR GROUP, we believe that it’s the simple actions that eventually shape our environment. The team will meet up every half a year to discuss on how we can reduce our carbon footprint and improve on resources that is both beneficial to the company and the environment.

15 Years in Electronics Retail Business

Affordable digital electronic products, high-quality and considerate after-sales service.